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There’s just something about tiny things that are inherently fun, or funny or ridiculous, etc. And that is certainly true in the case of Junior. He started life as a 1992 Honda CT70 purchased from our buddy Bert on a whim. Little did we know that Junior would be our golden ticket to the magical world of wheelies as chronicled in RESTRICTED Episode 3, “Livin’ the Dream.” Check it out when you can. You might enjoy a little less static look into the making of (and adventures of) the minibike that changed our lives.

Junior certainly isn’t the trickiest build we’ve done from a technical point of view, but what he lacks in complexity he makes up for in character. And yes, due to overwhelming demand, we are considering doing a limited run of street-legal Juniors in the near future. If you’re interested, let us know. If we’re able to offer it for sale without losing our shirts on the deal, we will. That said, it’ll still cost more than the average minibike — and be a lot more fun.  


  • Donor: 1991 Honda CT70
  • Front End: Custom inverted forks, anodized gold
  • Front wheel: CT70
  • Front brakes: Custom disc brake
  • Swing arm: CT70
  • Rear shock: RFY adjustable piggyback
  • Rear wheel: CT70
  • Tires: Shinko SR426 (120/90-10) front, Michelin Reggae (130/90-10) rear
  • Exhaust: Modified pipes and stainless muffler
  • Bars: Pro-Taper
  • Seat: Custom stand-off frame. Upholstered by Van Herten Outerwear
  • Battery: Shorai Lithium Ion

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