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Five-O 1000

Calling this one the “Five-O 1000” is maybe low-hanging fruit, but owner Ron Belfort lives in Hawaii where he does exciting things, and we are envious. Now add to the list carving up the roads of Oahu. Waaaaahooo! The bike is a 2013 GSX-R1000 which looked pretty menacing in stock trim. It just wasn’t really floating Ron’s boat, and he referenced our “Doomsdaytona”, wanting more of an urban assault look. While we were slightly scared to see what lay beneath all the plastics, we were stoked to get our hands on such a capable machine.

In the end, we love the silhouette, but the fun is in the details. Danik logged insane man-hours fabricating a one-off exhaust, tons of brackets to replace the old stamped steel ones, and a subframe that is made to be seen. The new upright position and increased turning radius help with comfort, but hold on tight and tuck appropriately when approaching top speed. We kept all the factory go-fast goodies intact, save for the ECU which we had tuned for the new exhaust by David Lillard of Redline Performance Motorsports in nearby Yorktown, Virginia. We were sad to put it on the boat, but we’re stoked Ron will have it down in paradise.

More about this beast on Bike EXIF


  • Donor: 2013 Suzuki GSX-R 1000
  • Suspension: Stock
  • Engine: Stock
  • Computer: Tuned by David Lillard of Redline Performance Motorsports
  • Exhaust: Custom stainless
  • Wheels and brakes: Stock
  • Tires: Avon AV54 (Rear) and AV53 (Front)
  • Seat: Custom waxed canvas and leather
  • Gauges: Stock cluster modified to fit in crossbar
  • Battery: Shorai Lithium Ion

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