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CM185T Tiny Moto

Early in the Classified Moto story, we built this little CM185 Twinstar for my dear friend Christina Cairo. We were working together in advertising when I got the urge to start messing with bikes, so I could totally understand when the bug bit her, too. I treated her build like an art project, fussing with it until it looked just the way I wanted — copper, wood, nickel, found objects. There are so many bits of personality baked into this diminutive moto including a quick release nickel-plated basket that incorporates a piece of an old Cypress Gardens water ski. The taillight is made from a stainless steel fishing rod holder I snatched my ancient Aquasport before it went to heaven. A hand-formed copper stripe runs the length of the nickel tank. I did the work for free and put in about two grand to shield the new biker from the pain of my screw-ups and underestimations. But Miss Cairo let me see the vision through, and we were both happy with the result. Ah, it was a simpler time and it was okay to spend twice what I got paid to build a bike. I miss those days, for sure. Last I heard, she was selling the bike.


  • Donor: 1978 Honda CM185
  • Front end: Modified CM185
  • Front wheel: 18-inch antique white powder with stainless spokes
  • Front brakes: Yamaha RD250
  • Rear wheel: 18-inch antique white powder with stainless spokes
  • Tires: Duro Vintage
  • Tank: 70’s Suzuki TS175, nickel plated with hand formed copper stripe
  • Exhaust: Modified CM185
  • Seat: Custom upholstered, Roy Baird, RVA
  • Battery: Shorai Lithium Ion

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