Taking Orders

March 23, 2015

It’s been awhile since the Build Queue was up and running. But now the backlogged projects have been cleared or are on the home stretch, and we’re back at it. The last limited run we launched was for our Level 4 KT series bikes, modeled after the Hondas we built for the amazing Katee Sackhoff. This time out, we’re offering a run of eight (8) Level 2 CB750 Nighthawks similar to those we shipped to Iowa and Canada recently. Code name: The Crow. Black, loud and crafty. With an air of melancholy, perhaps?

At $17,000 USD this black birdie is priced near the low end of our Level 2 builds, but it still has a sweet CM Front End Conversion, a bunch of other quality parts, a high degree of fit and finish and a “murder” of man hours invested (that’s a bad crow joke, by the way). It has a comfortable upright riding position with foot controls mounted amidships — perfect for around town or the longer haul. We’ve tested this configuration for many miles on and off the road, and it feels factory fresh in either situation.

Basic build specs are as follows:

  • Donor: Honda CB750 Nighthawk (1992-2002)
  • Front end: Yamaha YZF-R6 (black) with CM Triple Tree swap and billet upper clamp
  • Front wheel: Yamaha YZF-R6
  • Front brakes: Yamaha YZF-R6 w/Galfer stainless lines
  • Rear wheel: Stock Nighthawk
  • Tires: Mild dual sport OR aggressive dual sport
  • Shocks: Progressive Suspension 444 OR OPTIONAL 970 piggybacks
  • Tank: XS650-style reproduction
  • Intake: Custom dual-unit mesh
  • Exhaust: 4-into-1 with stainless cone muffler
  • Seat: Custom made in black leather or weather-resistant marine vinyl
  • Rack: Under-seat storage basket OR OPTIONAL under-seat convertible bag
  • Battery: Shorai Lithium Ion
  • Accessory outlet: 12-volt socket style
  • Bars: Low-rise motocross
  • Chain: DID X-ring (gold)
  • Gauge: Acewell digital
  • Compliance: Compact turn signals, taillight, lighted license plate mount, horn, mirror

As you can see from the spec sheet, you have a few choices to make when placing your order. In the Build Queue listing, you will be able to order by version number 1 through 4 to make things easy. Then you can indicate if you want the Progressive 970 piggyback upgrade.

As is the case with all Classified Moto Build Queues, this one is based on a pretty tight design and range of options. This allows us to offer a tasty Classified bike in limited amounts without having to charge one-off prices. As much as we love designing and working on motorcycles, we’ve had to refine the process for the health of our business and sanity. This route seems to be working great. That said, if you want to inquire about a particular unadvertised mod or spec, let us know and we’ll accommodate if we can.

So, if you’ve been thinking of joining the Classified family, now’s a good chance. Register in our Build Queue to reserve one of the eight spots. Estimated build time is 5-12 months and varies depending on your place in the queue. If you absolutely have to have one sooner, we can discuss a rush arrangement.

We ship anywhere in the world, but please note that shipping, licensing, registration, taxes and tariffs are the responsibility of the purchaser. We’ll do our best to accommodate and facilitate but can’t possibly know requirements for every destination.

There’s the scoop. If you’re interested, proceed to the Build Queue to stake your claim.