Summer Summarized

August 13, 2015

For those of you who want more Classified info than Instagram serves up, sit back and read about our summer and plans for the fall.

As I sit here writing, I’ve lost count of the bikes we’ve completed lately, but it’s a bunch. Chris’s Bonneville, Bob’s CB836, XV920R builds for Kristian, Camilo and Wes — it never stops. As usual, it’s been nearly all work and no play for our little crew. All cool stuff though.

Also cool is this. The UCI Road World Championships are coming to our fair city — Richmond, Virginia, USA, in September. It’s a humongous bicycling event and will attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. If you happen to be one of them, you will have a rare opportunity to visit the fairly secret headquarters of Classified Moto. The retail shop will be open, and you’ll be able to watch us working on bikes and lamps, eating our lunch, sweating and crying softly when expensive stuff breaks. The event runs September 19-27, 2015, and we’ll be open accordingly. Stay tuned for hours and special happenings.

Meanwhile, we’re cranking away on more builds, including the BW650 that has been a longtime dream of mine. As usual, the web store is open for CM swag, front end swaps, posters, lamps and other good stuff.

That’s all for now. See you in September!