big summer

August 21, 2012

The cat is definitely out of the bag about Katee Sackhoff’s new Classified Moto KT-600. Chris Hunter’s megamotoblog Bike EXIF featured it recently after we wrapped filming in LA for Cafe Racer TV Season 4. It was a deluxe experience all around.

We came back East to a shop full of stuff to be done including finishing up Brant Shalikashvili’s “MoHawk” (Monster/Nighthawk) in time for a release party at The Iron Horse Taproom in our nation’s capital. There’s a full photo spread in the works to be released as soon as photographer Adam Ewing is done roughing it in the Caribbean. Jealous. Meanwhile, check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds for some preview shots of the bike in action.

We also realized that sometime in the last few months we sold Moto Lamp number 400. Sometimes I try to picture them all lined up in a row and it kinda freaks me out. We’re hitting a parts drought, though, having depleted the junk piles at all the moto yards within a 300 mile radius of the CM garage. Hot tips are appreciated, by the way. If you know of any significant stashes of rusty gold, send us an email.

Please stay tuned for some new pages on the site, including a bike build page that will answer most of your questions when you decide you just have to have a Classified bike build. We’re trying to make it as simple and painless as possible. Also keep your ear to the ground for info on our new Classified Moto compound, opening sooner than later. Besides getting to hang with Katee Sackhoff and Jay Leno in LA, we made some huge and unexpected strides towards busting out of our cramped workshop.  —JR