Can’t complain

March 26, 2012

Change comes in all sizes. New pair of shoes — small change. New career/business/lease on life — extra large change.

One year ago last week, I got my walking papers from the ad agency where I worked for 11 years. It was like being punched in the face and knocked into the next room. Only the room was full of sweet motorcycles and some of the coolest people I’d never met.

What could have been a disaster of super-sized proportions, instead opened the door for Classified Moto, which might go down in history as the luckiest company on the planet.

From the day I got laid off and set out to make my living in the motosphere, I’ve had something to be psyched about on an almost daily basis — one of our bikes in a magazine, a killer road trip, an email from one of my heroes, a project wrapped. There’s a kind of constant gratification for us at Classified, and we’re trying our best to keep it going.

We’re about to unveil a new XS 650 and XV1100 and we’re working on a couple of Honda projects that will be tons of fun. We’ll soon be shipping the twin of Bob Ranew’s XV920R to Biker’s Cafe in Dubai. And we continue to explore new non-rolling designs — moto lamps, tables, screen prints and other cycle-inspired stuff. We’re weird like that. We’re still full-steam ahead on opening our shop/studio/cafe as soon as humanly possible.

And while we always have our eye on grand plans and what-ifs, we have some done-deals that we’ve been dying to talk about. No time like the present:

Season 4 of Cafe Racer TV on Discovery Channel’s Velocity Network. We’ll be on it. We were floored to be asked to participate and can’t wait to get started. The show has featured bikes and builders with credentials we could only dream of. It’s a huge, humbling honor, and we are STOKED. Filming starts in April and wraps this summer. Typical of the show’s format, we’ll appear throughout the season, wrenchin’, cussin’ and headscratchin’, eventually revealing our build to the world at large.

Of course, since Classified Moto is the luckiest company on the planet, the bike we’re building is for sci-fi heroine and interstellar badass Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica fame. (Starbuck, we won’t let you down.) With any luck, we’ll be delivering the bike to Katee on set in New Mexico this summer. Life is good.

We know this and other projects are going to delay our plans for a few things, including our European road trip we’ve been dying to pull off. Never fear, when we do it, it will probably be even better than if we’d done it this summer. That’s just the way things work around here.

Before I bring this one to a close and go back to neglecting my bloggery duties, I want to thank my trusty crew: Greg (recovering from a detached retina, wish him well), Betsy, Adam, Cindy, Ricky, DeeDee, Alex and the gang at Maxum Machine for staying positive and hanging in there. If it weren’t for people who know what they’re doing, I’d be sunk.

Also, a huge thanks to the legendary Wrenchmonkees for inspiring me to take an interest in motorbikes. The Monkees along with Deus, Blitz, Cafe Racer Dreams and a refreshing few other “alt-moto” outfits continue to keep things interesting on two wheels. We love what you do.

I’ll try to post more often, starting with some builds that we’re wrapping up. But for regular updates on all things Classified, visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks for your support. We hope you’ll be with us on another whirlwind year. —JR